Adjustable Precision Applicator 

Our first ready-to-use applicator is a digital applicator which can be set with predetermined parameters to control all aspects of the microneedle insertion.

Control Impact Velocity & Pressing Force

Precise control of application parameters for high quality results. The velocity at impact can be set from 25 to 140 cm/sec in steps of 1 cm/sec. The force of application can also be set from 1N to 50N in steps of 1N.

Universal & Convenient

Using microneedle arrays with a specific size or shape? The applicator end-cap can be customized to serve specific needs. The microneedle mounts are also available in many different sizes and can be replaced quickly.

Precise Adjustment

A precisely adjustable microneedle mount will accommodate different types of microneedle arrays. The height can be adjusted by rotation of the end cap, allowing for fractional adjustments.

More Information?

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