At uPATCH we’ve had the privilege to work with many microneedle enthusiasts to answer various design & engineering questions. Our team has always been, and still is, interested in being involved with new (research) projects. We find it especially exciting to think about how end-users will be using microneedles in the near future, and how we’re going to substantiate the impressive research achievements that have already been done!

Our team employs a design consultancy approach to meet individual needs and we pride ourselves in providing a professional and reliable service. We’re yet to come across a problem we can’t solve. We aim to make shared use of the gained knowledge as much as possible. So let’s not reinvent the wheel. Maybe we’ve already dealt with or considered similar challenges that you might be facing. Please: don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Product Portfolio

Please have a look at some of our products’ solutions. If required, they can be customized for whatever a certain user, vaccine or environment requires.

With The End-user In Mind

We believe that one day, application of microneedles will be the most ordinary thing in the world – and a very easy practice – potentially even seeing people administering themselves. Our current development projects are centered around disposables and a cartridge approach for coated and dissolvable microneedle arrays, a 2-step process where microneedles penetrate the skin and the pores are then covered with a medicine patch, as well as hollow microneedle mediated drug delivery.

That having been said, there is not one single microneedle application method that really stands out. It all depends on the kind of microneedles being used and the specific purpose of application. We believe you can’t design a final end-user applicator until you assess the exact microneedle design and the most important application parameters. At the same time, it’s complicated to optimize those parameters, and a microneedle embodiment, without access to a consistent and reproducible application process. Our expertise, research tools, and intense drive to collaborate with other innovators enable us to overcome this challenge.

Are you passionate about the potential of microneedles too?

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The natural progression of microneedle technologies requires collaboration between any and all practitioners. Together we can bring microneedles to the masses and make it an industry standard!


Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions – if we can’t answer them ourselves, we might be able to connect you with somebody else we’ve been talking to.