uPATCH added to the list of the highest impact startups in the Netherlands! (Impactview)

Last month uPATCH has been added to the list of the most impactful startups of the Netherlands by the non-profit organisation Impactview. (www.impactview.nl)

uPATCH has been added to the list because of the positive influence on the world and our potential for exponential and international growth and scalability. Impactview creates the list in order to give investors and grant-providers with an independent view on the potential of startups in the Netherlands. This way they want to improve the quantity and quality of investments in early stage startups.

Below you can see a visual representation of the list, but you can also download the list from their website; www.impactview.nl

Interview with founder Bart van Oorschot in Delft.Business Magazine

In this months edition of the business magazine; Delft.Business, uPRAX Founder Bart van Oorschot was interviewed about the fun and hearthships of running a MedTech Startup. The interview was done together with Wiggeman Roodzant who works from the packaging company Hordijk, located near the uPRAX office in Delft. The interview talked about the relationship between innovation and craft. Wiggeman and Bart gave their visions on how the issue, innovation mostly comes from experience and craft in a certain field of industry. Traditional craft emerges when you have been professionally developing skills over time. When craft in developed so far that it creates room for trying new things, which sparks innovation.



uPATCH acquires funding from MIT/Province South Holland for 2019 feasibility study

uPRAX has acquired a grant of 20.000 euro from the Province of South Holland (Provincie Zuid Holland) for part of a feasibility study focused on the necessary user requirements for microneedle applicators. This funding will help uPRAX in the development of a consumer-centric device, to help make microneedle application consistent and reproducible even when they are administered by untrained users. With this research uPRAX will combine these additional user requirements into a product that will make medicine delivery more accessible by higher mobility. With this innovation medicines (like vaccines) could be delivered to the users just by mailing them a small device.

Academic Publication in the journal 'Pharmaceutics' of : "Universal Applicator for Digitally-Controlled Pressing Force and Impact Velocity Insertion of Microneedles into Skin

On the 10th of October 2018 Mara Leone of Leiden University in coöperation with uPRAX has published the academic research;

"Universal Applicator for Digitally-Controlled Pressing Force and Impact Velocity Insertion of Microneedles into Skin"

The research has been conducted at Leiden University and in the Tyndall National Institute of University College Cork in Ireland. In this research the APA-V1 is used to determine the optimal insertion velocity and optimal insertion pressing force of 5 different microneedle technologies. Due to the different materials and geometries of the needles they require different mechanical parameters for their insertion. In this research the effects of variance in velocity or pressing force is demonstrated and therefor the importance of making this a consistent factor in microneedle application.


Technology Magazine picks up on uPRAX pain-free vaccination system

The Technology Magazine 'de Ingenieur' has published an article about the potential benefits of our innovation and the impact it could have on the world. The focus is on this way of administration of medication being pain-free, less chance of infections, elimination of the cold-chain, and because of the reproducibility and effectiveness of uPRAX technology self-administrable by the patients;


uPRAX acquires funding from MIT 2018 for feasibility study

uPRAX have acquired a grant of 25.000 euro from the Province of South Holland (Provincie Zuid Holland) for part of a feasibility study into the necessary universality of microneedle applicators. This funding will help uPRAX in the development from the Adjustable Precision Applicator (APA) to a consumer-centric version of the device, by enabling research into which insertion parameters can best be varied in applicators in order to provide a complete product portfolio that will provide solutions for all different microneedle technologies.

MICRONEEDLES 2018 Conference in Vancouver

From the 29th of May till the 1st of June the uPRAX founders attended the 5th International Microneedle Conference at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. The Conference provided a unique international forum for academics and industry involved in the design, development, application and clinical translation of microneedle technology. At the conference uPRAX held a poster presentation highlighting the upcoming publication that demonstrates the  variance in penetration efficiency and percentage of delivered antigen is related to the amount of velocity or pressing force. Therefor this was a perfect opportunity to demonstrate to all attendants the importance of consistent microneedle insertion and the importance of application technology.

Opening ceremony in National Historic Museum

uPRAX featured in Sprout Magazine

In the Dutch magazine 'Sprout' (www.sprout.nl) uPRAX has been featured in one of their articles, highlighting the admission into the YES!Delft incubator. Sprout is a magazine that is all about start-ups, scale-ups, and the occasional fuck-up. They write about the lessons that can be learned from successes and from failures, all to help each other create innovations to change the world for the better.