uPATCH aims to accelerate the transition of microneedles from a research environment into real world, lifesaving solutions. With a size of less than 1 mm, they have proved to be more effective and less intrusive compared to many conventional methods of drug administration.

Great breakthrough innovations are being achieved around the world every day. The introduction of a standardised application procedure for end users is now begging for attention.

Creating A New Standard

Because of the vast differences between areas of medicine, the application method used will need to be chosen carefully every time. uPATCH focuses on finding out the optimal insertion parameters for microneedle technologies and translating them into products used for the application of microneedles. We designed Adjustable Precision Applicators that can be used to perform a standardised test with different microneedle designs.

This enables regulatory and certifying organizations a universal way to judge microneedle technologies. uPATCH aims to continuously increase its testing capabilities and be the most versatile testing partner for microneedle products. Please find a brief description of some things we can do below. Other inquiries can be discussed.

Penetration Efficiency

As a first step to make microneedle testing more universal, we have made the use of our own in house tools (Adjustable Precision Applicators) available. The results of these tests offer insight into the optimal application parameters for a specific microneedle technology.

Generally tests will be carried out by professionals in our lab (ex vivo animal or human skin). However, other possibilities for in vivo testing can be discussed. Results will include the correlation between velocity or pressing force and penetration efficiency or depth of penetration.

Super Small, Super Slow

Finally, we are able to provide high speed (4000 to 5000 fps) imaging of the application, which provides visual feedback of exactly what is happening at impact which can be used for optimizing the parameters for application.  

Interested in the possibilities of standardized microneedle testing?

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The natural progression of microneedle technologies requires collaboration between any and all practitioners. Together we can bring microneedles to the masses and make it an industry standard!


Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions – if we can’t answer them ourselves, we might be able to connect you with somebody else we’ve been talking to.