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uPATCH aims to accelerate the transition of microneedles from a research environment into real world, lifesaving solutions. With a size of less than 1 mm, they have proved to be more effective and less intrusive compared to many conventional methods of drug administration; great breakthrough innovations are being achieved around the world every day. The introduction of a standardized application procedure for end users is now begging for attention.

Why microneedle technology is the future

Microneedles are, without a doubt, the drug administrative tool of the future. Their size reduces pain and chances for infections, while simultaneously removing the need for in demand doctors.

Many drugs work most efficiently when administered into the skin and the costly distribution channel (cold chain) associated with conventional vaccines can potentially be removed.

Our Technology

Our team is built on a decade of experience in applying microneedle technologies as well as bringing medical innovations to the forefront of the industry. We got together to develop microneedle applicators that can effectively be used by end-users. To advance the microneedle field as a whole, uPATCH also provides custom R&D and quality research tools to extract samples, deliver drugs, and administer vaccines via the skin.

Start right away with applying your microneedle technology effectively and consistently with our standardized patch applicators.

Application Optimization Research

Let us put your microneedles to the test and find out the optimal insertion parameters for the application of your microneedle technology

Custom Applicator Engineering

Get an applicator optimized to the optimal insertion parameters for your specific microneedle technology and seamlessly fitting your brand identity.

Are you passionate about the potential of microneedles too?

We would love to hear from you!

The natural progression of microneedle technologies requires collaboration between any and all practitioners. Together we can bring microneedles to the masses and make it an industry standard!

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions – if we can’t answer them ourselves, we might be able to connect you with somebody else we’ve been talking to.

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